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Our History 
We are committed to helping our customers to create a memorable event for their life time, and to reach their dreams, ....
​The White House Mansion is individually - owned and operated in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This hidden treasure of Tulsa has won the 2015 Best of Weddings Award (knot.com), 2015 Couples' Choice Award (Weddingwire.com) and the Best of the Best Award in 2002. We care most about customer satisfaction, and quality services. This is what sets us apart from similar businesses. 

Our venue has its historic heritage. The White House Mansion was built in 1911, originally located at 1856 E 15th Street.  It was the largest house on Cherry Street in Tulsa. In 1980, an accountant bought the property and the house was going to be bulldozed for an office building. Bill Satterfield, the previous owner of the mansion, took 33 loads on flatbed trucks to move the structure materials to 1 West 81st Street. It took from 1980 to 1985 to reassemble it.

The ballroom addition on the back is the old bowling alley from Utica Square. It was the largest structure in Utica Square, located between Mrs. Jacksons and the Olive Garden. It was built in 1953 and was a city block long. It was burned about 15 years later in 1968.  

When the previous owner, Bill, was re-erecting the White House, he found about the remaining bowling alley lanes. The lanes were nine and a half inches thick. They required a substantial support base to hold them up.  

About the same time, the old Riverside Drive-In on East 71st Street was being sold. The drive-in was located where the current McDonald’s restaurant operates. Bill, purchased the drive-in for the huge screen. The screen had large rectangular shaped beams in the structure that were strong enough to support the bowling alley floor. He moved the beams to 81st Street where they were placed in the foundation to support the ballroom floor.

The history portion is an excerpt from an interview with Bill Satterfield by Roy Heim, President of Tulsa Historic Society. 
•  10,000 sq. ft. charming, historic mansion 
•  Gorgeous ballroom and detailed woodwork 
•  Spacious solarium with an outdoor feel and 
    indoor comfort
•  Abundant on-site parking for 200+ guests
•  Caterers of your choice, bring in your own or 
    choose from our network of recommended 
•  Flexible liquor policy with insured and 
    licensed bartenders 
•  Convenient Tulsa Location: Off I-75, exit 81st 
    Street, go east, just 1 mile from Tulsa Hills
•  8 hours rental period for evening weddings 
•  Convenience of having the ceremony and
    reception at the same venue.
•  Ample on-site parking & easy access to 
•  Professional staff for planning, day of 
    co-ordination and DJ services
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White House Mansion
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